Information for Facilitators

As an open course facilitator, you have the skills, knowledge, competence and confidence to become effective facilitators of your open course either nationally or for staff in your institution.

Those who have completed the associated facilitator open course will be given the opportunity to claim their facilitator open badge. Earning your facilitator open badges involves an additional 5 hours of student effort on top of the 25 hours needed to gain the open course participant open badge.

There are two ways to earn your open badge and become an open course facilitator:

  1. Complete the facilitator face-to-face workshop delivered by our open course developers.
  2. Complete facilitator training on an online open course specific to an individual open course.
  • All facilitators of an open course must have completed and earned the participant and facilitator open badge of the open course they want to facilitate.
  • Facilitator and participant open badges can only be issued to those currently working in higher education in Ireland.

Facilitators can delivery their open course in one of three modes:

  1. Fully Online
  2. Face-to-Face
  3. Blended

Through the ‘Getting Started’ link below, you can quickly get access to all the guides and materials that you require.

Getting Started with Facilitating your Open Course

Whether you plan on delivering your open course face-to-face, online or blended, we will guide you through all the necessary steps in getting started.