Advancing Excellence in Evidence-Based Entrepreneurship Education

Next Start Date 20 September 2024
Duration 25 hours


How people understand entrepreneurship and how entrepreneurship can contribute to positive change is evolving as is the role educators are expected to play.

An entrepreneurial and innovative mindset can produce fruitful results in areas such as creative industries (for instance, media and music) and it is also being embedded in efforts to adapt to environmental challenges and reimagine specific sectors such as marine industries. This course covers some of these industries, new opportunities, markets, and how entrepreneurship can be adapted to sector specific needs.

A notable part of this evolution is that the stereotype of an entrepreneur is expanding from the hero type to include others. Women, seniors or the young are for example increasingly entrepreneurial in their actions and their identity. This course highlights these increasingly common entrepreneurs.

Finally, this course addresses the core challenge of entrepreneurship – the uncertainty and risk associated with entrepreneurial ventures. In this course, we highlight methods recently proven to increase entrepreneurial success rates which focus on critical thinking, coherence and clarity about ventures.

This course is designed for educators in higher education who want to advance their teaching and/or research in entrepreneurship. It may be of interest to those teaching across all discipline areas given the wide breath of topics covered. It will give them opportunities to reflect on how entrepreneurship practices in the different topics can be introduced and assessed in an educational context.

Designed to give maximum choice to learners, the open course will offer six units delivered by experts in the areas. The overall objective of this course is to advance excellence in entrepreneurship education and further develop a network of educators across Ireland. The six units are:

  • Inclusive Entrepreneurial Ecosystems.
  • Increasing Success Rates with Improved Decision-Making Tools.
  • Opportunities in the Silver Economy.
  • Entrepreneurship in the Marine sector.
  • Entrepreneurship for Creative Industries.
  • Youth Entrepreneurship.

You’ll Learn to

Learning outcomes:

  • Reflect on how entrepreneurship practices in different topics can be introduced in an educational context and how they can be best assessed.
  • Build knowledge of other non-traditional types of entrepreneurs (women, young, seniors), diverse industries/sectors (arts, environmental sciences…) and methods of validating entrepreneurship.
  • Critically assess how the research on the different entrepreneurship forms can enrich entrepreneurship educational practices.

On earning your open badge award for this course, you will have achieved further recognition in the following domains of the National Professional Development Framework for Staff who Teach:

  • Domain 3 Professional Communication and Dialogue – evidenced in the triads and the communication and collaboration between facilitators of the same topic and other topics
  • Domain 4 Professional Knowledge and Skills – evidenced in the strong evidence base underpinning the modules

Course Developers

This open course has been developed by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education in partnership with:

Dr Ana Cruz Garcia

Munster Technological University

Fiacre Muller

Munster Technological University

Dr Helen McGuirk

Munster Technological University

Dr Niall O’Leary

Munster Technological University

Rebecca Robinson

Munster Technological University

Dr Wei Xiong

Munster Technological University

Enroll in this Course

Enroll in this Course

Facilitator Led

Learn as part of a group in an upcoming facilitator led programme


Facilitator-led courses run at different times throughout the year and result in a digital badge. Some are entirely online, some are blended, and others face-to-face. Additional facilitator training may be provided so that you can later facilitate your own open course.

This course will run from 20 September 2024. Registration is now open at link below.

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