Digital Policy Development in Teaching and Learning

Duration 25 hours


This Open Course seeks to help participants explore the impact of digital technology on teaching and learning and what those impacts might mean for policy development.

The Open Courses is divided into six topics. Topics one to five are online and consist of an introductory video and reading and viewing activities. Online discussion boards are used in each of the first four topics to allow participants to share views on the ideas and concepts raised with other participants and the badge facilitator. Topic six consists of a half-day face-to-face facilitated workshop that involves group and individual activities

You’ll Learn to

  • Describe the policy implications of digital technology for teaching and learning
  • Identify policy gaps within your existing policy infrastructure
  • Articulate what makes a policy ‘enabling’ and the value of making it relevant to practitioners in their HEIs
  • Develop enabling policies for digital teaching and learning

On earning your open badge award for this course, you will have achieved further recognition in the following domains of the National Professional Development Framework for Staff who Teach:

  • Domain 4 Professional Knowledge and Skills ensures the individual remains current in terms of their professional/disciplinary knowledge and can implement teaching, learning and assessment approaches which promote active learning and are underpinned by a strong evidence base.
  • Domain 5 Personal and Professional Digital Capacity recognises explicitly that we live and work in a digital world, and that teachers must develop digital skills that allow them to harness the potential of technology for learning impact..

Course Developers

This open course has been developed by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education in partnership with:

Dr Tony Murphy

Dublin Business School

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Facilitator-led courses run at different times throughout the year and result in a digital badge. Some are entirely online, some are blended, and others face-to-face. Additional facilitator training may be provided so that you can later facilitate your own open course.

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Developer Materials (OER)

All materials generated during the development of this open course have been created (or adapted, subject to licence permissions) for use under a CC BY-NC 4.0 licence as open education resources (OER).

Individuals are free to use, share, repurpose, and remix this material. Materials may include face-to-face workshop materials and eLearning materials.

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