Education for Sustainability

Duration 25 hours


The Education for Sustainability course is an introductory course, exploring the basic concepts and practical steps on how to embed sustainability across the curriculum.

Education for Sustainability aims to empower learners with knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes to take informed decisions and make responsible actions for environmental integrity, economic viability and a just society empowering people of all genders, for present and future generations, while respecting cultural diversity (UNESCO, 2021).

The course is in direct response to second National Strategy on Education for Sustainable Development and will require 25-learner hours over a 6-week period, after which learners can claim their digital badge in ‘An Introduction to Education for Sustainability’ from the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning.

You’ll Learn

  • How to understand and reflect on the role of education for sustainability in the context of global, national, and local drivers.
  • How to explore education for sustainability concepts, contexts, principles, and practices.
  • How to engage with the EU Sustainability Competency Framework through the lens of embodying sustainability values, embracing complexity in sustainability, envisioning sustainable futures, and acting for sustainability.
  • How to redesign elements of your teaching and learning practice by embedding education for sustainability principles.

On earning your open badge award for this course, you will have achieved further recognition in the following domains of the National Professional Development Framework for Staff who Teach:

  • Domain 2 Professional Identity, Values and Development in Teaching and Learning focuses on the consideration of professional and/or disciplinary identity in given contexts. The domain supports critical reflection, recognising that an individual’s professional identity can change at different stages of their career.
  • Domain 3 Professional Communication and Dialogue emphasises the importance of excellent, clear and coherent communication skills within the changing learning environment.
  • Domain 4 Professional Knowledge and Skills ensures the individual remains current in terms of their professional/disciplinary knowledge and can implement teaching, learning and assessment approaches which promote active learning and are underpinned by a strong evidence base.

Course Developers

This open course has been developed by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education in partnership with:

Dr. Mark Kelly

Atlantic Technological University

Dr. John Scahill

Atlantic Technological University

Dr. Dermot O’Donovan

Atlantic Technological University

Professor Charlotte Holland

Dublin City University

Dr. Maria Kirrane

University College Cork

Dr. Cormac McMahon

Technological University Dublin

Dr. Olivia Freeman

Technological University Dublin

Dr. Sean Daffy

Atlantic Technological University

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The course will run between 8 February and 27 March 2023. Click below for more information.

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