Mathematics Learning Support: Tutor Development


The purpose of this course is to provide staff working in Mathematics and Statistics Learning Support (MLS) with the key competences to work effectively with MLS users. The course was designed in partnership with Irish Mathematics Learning Support Network (IMLSN)To allow the necessary flexibility needed  by staff undertaking this work and to align with relevant professional development domains 4 key competences are to be achieved (MLS Knowledge and Skills; Communication/Dialogue skills; Professional Identity Development; Digital Capacity) with each of these associated with a specific badge.  Achievement of each of these 4 competences is facilitated by a MLS coordinator in an institution providing MLS. 

You’ll Learn to

  • Recognise the typical mathematical ability of students who require Mathematics Learning Support (MLS); Interact effectively with users of MLS through the application of appropriate teaching and learning approaches; Recognise both the implications of the non-academic differences between users of MLS and the range of situations that can occur as a result of diverse student approaches to learning. 
  • Apply skills in explaining, listening and questioning necessary to employ positive strategies of engagement with users of MLS; Engage in constructive peer review of MLS research; Participate in relevant MLS community/forum activities. 
  • Employ a framework of knowledge and techniques to develop as tutors in their future work in MLS. 
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of ways in which technology has been used to enhance learning in mathematics; Employ digital tools and techniques to support learners using MLS. 

The learner who completes this course badge will have demonstrated these abilities by completing the following:  

  • The IMLSN Mathematics Learning Support Tutor Knowledge and Skills badge. 
  • The IMLSN Mathematics Learning Support Tutor Communication badge. 
  • The IMLSN Mathematics Learning Support Tutor Professional Identity Development badge. 
  • The IMLSN Mathematics Learning Support Tutor Digital Capacity badge. 

Course Developers

This open course has been developed by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education in partnership with:

Ciarán O’Sullivan

Technological University Dublin 

Dr Ciarán Mac an Bhaird

Maynooth University  

Dr Kirsten Pfeiffer

National University of Ireland Galway

Dr. Michael Grove

University of Birmingham

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This badge is completed by achieving the learning associated with each of the four IMLSN Mathematics Learning Support Tutor Competence sub-badges. The completion of these is facilitated by members of the Irish Mathematics Learning Support Network (IMLSN)  who coordinate Mathematics Learning Support provision in their own institutions.  To complete the overall badge requires approximately 125 learner effort hours. If you wish to enquire about earning one of these badges, please email the IMLSN  MLS Tutor Competences Coordinator  at . 

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