Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process by which prior learning is formally valued. It is a means by which prior learning is identified, assessed, and recognised by an educational institution as part of its programmes, courses, and/or modules on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ). This makes it possible for an individual to build on learning achieved and to be rewarded for it. This badge enables staff working in the tertiary sector to gain an understanding of what RPL means within their own context, reflecting on its application and potential in their institution but also in the sector in which they are working.

You’ll Learn to

  • Explain the concept of RPL and reflect on its application within their own setting;
  • Reflect on the potential impact of RPL for an institution, its staff and students;
  • Identify existing policies and consider their alignment with practice;
  • Analyse the relationship between programme and module learning outcomes and the RPL candidate.

On earning your open badge award for this course, you will have achieved further recognition in the following domains of the National Professional Development Framework for Staff who Teach:

  • Domain 1 At the core of the domains is the centrality of ‘the Self’, recognising that the professional and personal values that the individual brings to their teaching are pivotal in their development as a teacher.
  • Domain 2 Professional Identity, Values and Development in Teaching and Learning focuses on the consideration of professional and/or disciplinary identity in given contexts. The domain supports critical reflection, recognising that an individual’s professional identity can change at different stages of their career.
  • Domain 4 Professional Knowledge and Skills ensures the individual remains current in terms of their professional/disciplinary knowledge and can implement teaching, learning and assessment approaches which promote active learning and are underpinned by a strong evidence base.

Course Developers

This open course has been developed by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education in partnership with Deirdre Goggin, MTU, and Dr Cathal de Paor, MIC (original content designers); updates by Dr Ciara Staunton, UCC and The RPL in Higher Education Project, a HCI Pillar 3 Initiative.  See

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