Supporting a Whole Campus Approach to a Healthy Campus

Next Start Date Autumn 2024
Duration 25 hours


This 6 week online course will help academics, student ambassadors, practitioners, policy makers, leaders and administrators understand what it means to become a health-promoting campus and how understanding the Okanagan Charter is an important step to creating a campus plan for wellbeing. By following the guidelines of the teaching and learning forum open course development, this course will foster an effective learning experience and create momentum in Ireland and abroad towards achieving healthy campuses. This will be achieved through supporting personal, population and planetary health.

The aim of our course is to help staff and key stakeholders in Higher Educational Institutions develop and implement the healthy campus framework effectively and efficiently. Peer Learning will be a central feature, allowing for cross institution and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Learning Objectives

  • Week 1 learning material will illustrate the background on healthy campus. An appreciation of how this relates to other policies and networks including Slaintecare and Healthy Ireland at a national level and the Sustainable Development Goals and Okanagan Charter at an international level.
  • Week 2 will cover the evidence supporting healthy university campus initiatives and reinforce the mechanisms of change required and potential rewards to be reaped from effective implementation of healthy campus charter and framework.
  • Week 3 Common needs. There are similarities between university campuses and those who use them. In this session we will examine the main areas of need that healthy campus initiatives may choose to tackle and the evidence behind the decisions to take on each of these needs.
  • Week 4 Plan for success. Stakeholder engagement. This lesson will examine how to find out what is needed on your campus. Tools and tips will be included. In this session we will examine how to ensure healthy campus initiatives are primed for success. This will start by ensuring the initiative is feasible and required by the end user and other key stakeholders. Voice of the end user will be incorporated here.
  • Week 5 Wheels in motion. This lesson will describe ways to plan your healthy campus implementation.
  • Week 6 Summary, and discussion where learners are tasked with creating goals for themselves regarding their next steps in being part of the healthy campus movement. This session will also provide space to review and reflect on previous lessons.

You’ll Learn to

Open Course Badge criteria.

Following the course, participants will:

  • Understand what is meant by health and health promotion and appreciate why being a “health-promoting campus” matters.
  • Understand the Okanagan Charter and why it is ground-breaking.
  • Articulate the different aspects that make up a campus environment and how each can play a role in promoting health.
  • Advocate for a collective impact framework for your campus and begin to mobilise or contribute to a healthy campus.

On earning your open badge award for this course, you will have achieved further recognition in the following domains of the National Professional Development Framework for Staff who Teach:

  • Domain 1 as supporting a healthy campus will act as a call to action for individuals to act on their own health values (the self) and reflect on their professional capacity to enact change for the betterment of many.
  • Domain 3 Professional Communication and Dialogue – as this course encourages communication across institutions and a wide variety of disciplines at a time when university policies, place, people and planet change to focus on health and well being.
  • Domain 4 Professional Knowledge and Skills – as it will support individuals to remain up to date on international changes that will affect their campus, and therefore both teaching and learning. The University Campus, encompassing it’s policies and procedures (not just place) is changing to support the health of all. This course will help individuals to understand and appreciate why this is the case and how it can help them professionally.

Course Developers

This open course has been developed by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education in partnership with:

Dr Cuisle Forde

Trinity College Dublin

Caitilin Kane

Trinity College Dublin

Caroline Mahon

Higher Education Authority

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